Christian Aid fundraiser

wp768ed158_05_06Toll Gavel United Church, Beverley, has just completed support for a Christian Aid partner project. We were challenged with raising £5000 over a two year period. We managed to raise this amount in the first 12 months so we added an extra £1000. The project was particularly aimed at helping physically disabled people in the Lebanon and West Bank gain access to education and employment. We arranged a whole series of events which included a Quiz Night, a Fashion Show, Sponsored Cycle Ride, Pudding and Praise, Carol singing at Tesco’s. Safari Supper, Table Top Sale and a Garden Party. Christian Aid sent a quarterly bulletin of news about the project and this usually featured some personal stories of people who had benefitted. The project was match funded by the EU on a ration of 3:1 so our £6000 grew to £24,000. This match funding was an attractive incentive!

We have now undertaken a new project, this time based in Burkina Faso in West Africa. We have undertaken to raise a another £5000 over a 2 year period this time with EU match funding of 5:1. The aim of this project is to improve and secure food supply in a country which is at the forefront of climate change and experiences periodic droughts.  It will help over 6000 households in some of the poorest areas of the north of the country.  Improved seeds and fertiliser will be distributed. !500 families will receive 10 hens and a rooster to help create extra income. Over 2000 hectares of degraded land will be reclaimed and returned to productive use. 500 women will be given training in new ways to store and process crops. One of our church members has been to Burkina Faso with the Jacob’s Well Charity and this offers us  another personal link to the project.


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